Fish discovered 26,000 feet below surface!!


The new species was first noticed during research trips in 2014. They were found living inside the trench along the sides from 22,600 feet to 26,686 feet down. 

The fish are believed to be widespread, living within the trench, feeding on crustaceans and other invertebrate marine life. One photo from the CT scan shows a crustacean inside the fish. Gerringer said the discovery was a surprise as it was believed that no fish could live at such depths inside the trench. 

The fish have no scales, and the skin is translucent. Major organs such as the liver can be seen through it. 

The fish is named after the sailor who helped discover the Mariana Trench during an expedition in 1875, Herber Swire aboard the HMS Challenger.  

“We think about the age of exploration as a thing gone by,” said Gerringer. “There’s so much more out there.”   

Study of the fish couples with research on other organisms that live in extreme ocean environments which are deep, very hot, or very cold. Research into these so called “extremophiles” can also help astrobiologists identify planets outside of our own solar systems, which might be able to support life under tough circumstances.


Source: The University of Washington helped discover the new species of fish by Glenn Farley, KING

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