Why Twitching Lure May Replace other Lures in Fishing world?

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Why Twitching Lure May Replace other Lures in Fishing world?


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The Twitching Lure, found online at TwitchingLure.com, is a new fishing product which describes itself as “the only proven five sense fishing lure system.

According to their website, the Twitching Lure is the first ever rechargeable, electronic lure with the “genetic secret to catching fish,” which they call Vibra Strike Technology. This Vibra Strike Technology is what gives this product the ability to flash and twitch, mimicking the movements of a wounded bait fish. 

Most fish have a strong biological instinct to attack wounded fish, because they are easy prey and make a convenient meal. The website says that, because of their “DNA-programming,” fish literally won’t be able to resist attacking a lure that can so closely mimic a wounded fish..

How Does The Twitching Bait Work?

According to the Twitching Bait website, this revolutionary rechargeable fishing lure has the following features:

  • Patented Vibra-Strike technology triggers fish DNA to instinctively strike at the lure using the following actions:

    • It vibrates

    • It flashes

    • It buzzes

    • It glows in the dark

The whole functions can be summarized as follows:

  • Rechargeable Advance Lures are the first rechargeable, electronic lures with the genetic secret to catching fish.

  • Your twitching Fish Lure flashes and twitches to mimic the movements of a wounded bait fish.

  • This triggers the DNA-programming in fish that has signaled them to strike since prehistoric times.

  • Fish can't resist the twitching action because it triggers their DNA. They bite whether they're hungry or not!

  • Plus, the Rechargeable Twitching Lure recharges exactly like your cell phone. After charging in minutes, get ready to catch fish all day long!

  • With this one, you can throw all your old lures away, and start catching more fish. It's just that easy!

  • And you have to admit, their two slogans are pretty darn catchy…

“Salt or Fresh, Big or Small, the rechargeable Twitch catches them all”

“Fish can’t resist the Twitch”



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